Your New Favorite Bag by @madamandrews

June 09, 2017

written by madamandrews

Ahh yes. The magical combo of suede and leather. Does it get any better?

I’ve had to explain several times to Jono that when I talk about leather and when I talk about suede, I’m talking about two different things. A few months back there was a suede jacket that I had been yearning for and when I showed him he replied “You already have a leather jacket”. No, no, no. This is SUEDE. Sure, they both come from a cow (or a fake cow 😉 ) But they are NOT the same thing. He still doesn’t get it, ha.


About this particular beauty— I love this bag from Hieleven because the materials are super good quality and it’s a fabulous neutral. It’s easy to pair with literally every outfit. I don’t change by bag too often, so I like a neutral color that I can stick with for a while.

I have another bag from Hieleven that I also adore. You can find all of the deets here.

I hope that you have an amazing holiday weekend! Be safe!



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